Ana Tanevska


Animating the creative spirit is what I am striving to do. I am interested in the process of making and forming without the need of capturing any particular idea or feeling.


Ana Tanevska – ceramist

I mainly work with fabric dipped in clay slip. I make structures out of metal rods, wood, cardboard, or sand molds as a base; I use the soaked fabric to sculpture forms around these structures. I then layer the form with different clay mixtures, and additions to the clay body to achieve strength, and varieties in texture. I use recycled clay. I like the idea of finding a purpose for materials that otherwise will end up in the landfilled.

The technique I use resonates with my restless personality as it gives me a lot of freedom in the sculpting process without worrying too much about technicalities like drying speed, and thickness of the clay. It also gives me the freedom to make adjustment to the form on the go, even when it is completely dry.

I have a strong attraction to textures and earthly colours.

As Nick Cave said in his answer to John, in Issue #181 of The Red Hand Files, “In my view, John, worry less about what you make — that will mostly look after itself, and is to some extent beyond your control, and perhaps even none of your business — and devote yourself to nourishing this animating spirit. Bring all your enthusiasm to bear on the development of that good and essential force. This is done by a commitment to the creative act itself.”